TIVIA Oulu in brief

POTKY (TIVIA Oulu) is the Northostrobothnian branch of the Finnish Information Processing Association. POTKY was founded in 1973. It has about 500 individual and 10 corporate members, including IT companies and educational institutions.


POTKY serves as a professional organisation for the IT industry in North Ostrobothnia. POTKY distributes information on upcoming events and continuing education opportunities, as well as providing a forum for networking and career development.

POTKY sponsors events for its members, offers career and educational resources via the POTKY website, and offers certain member services such as registering members for upcoming events.

POTKY participates in the activities of the The Finnish Information Processing Association (FIPA), aiming to promote effective utilisation of information technology while taking into consideration its economical, human and social dimensions.


POTKY’s monthly events are open to all members and are normally free of charge. Most are held in the evenings. Activities may be either lectures or networking events. For more information, see the event calendar in this website (in Finnish).

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Membership forms are available on this website, in Finnish. For assistance in filling out the form, please contact the address bellow.

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e-mail: hallitus(at)potky.fi